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May 22: Standings and Quiz May. 23rd, 2007 @ 09:48 am
After a bit of a spreadsheet debacle, everything was sorted out. and here you go, apologies for any confusion! It was our first night (and I still blame Microsoft!).

Place, Team, final score
16) Mulva - 41
15) Binge Thinkers - 43 - won swag, Mulva left before they could collect (of course, they might've left because in the original tally they didn't get last.)
14) Leave the Gun, Take the Canoli - 44
13) 30 cents a Pound - 45
13) Mittens - 47
11) Sausages and Plants and Goldfish - 47
10) Froggy Style 49
9) Burn in Hell Jerry Falwell - 50
8) Trusted Since 1890 - 51
7) Monkey Kings - 55
6) NAMBLA's Shooting a Video and We're Looking for a good DP - 56
5) Sherm - 59
5) Quizteama Aguilera - 59
3) Three Tacos for $20000 Schrutebucks - 61 - won $20!
2) Bald Freeholder Priest - 65 - won $52!!
1) Husker Don't - 67 - won $120!!!

ROUND 1 – Historical Rivers and Borders Geography

1. What direction does the Niagara River flow?
2. In what modern-day country would you find the mouth of the Syr-Daria, which marked the northern border of Alexander the Great’s empire?
3. Besides Jordan, name one of the other two countries that border the Jordan River.
4. What river formed the southern border of the ancient Anasazi people?
5. 12,000 years ago massive ice blocked the Clark Fork River forming a massive prehistoric lake that covered much of western Montana. What was the name of this lake?
6. This renowned river marked the edge of the Roman Republic to the north and by Roman law it was forbidden to cross it with an army.
7. This riverbed in Western Washington has been dry since 1916 when the Lake Washington Ship Canal was opened and the Cedar River was rerouted, effectively cutting off its drain and source respectively.
8. The Euphrates River is one of two rivers that together help formed the Cradle of Civilization. What is the other?
9. This state capital on the Missouri river shares no letters with the state it’s located in. What is the capital and state?
10. The Thames River bisects London. What popular British soap opera features an aerial view of the river in its opening credits?

ROUND 2 – The Stanley Cup

1. Oddly enough, the original Stanley Cup was not made in Canada. Where was the first Stanley Cup forged? A) England B) USA C) France
2. In the US, how many cups of liquid measure equal one gallon?
3. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Harrison Ford proclaims "that's the cup of a carpenter." To what artifact is he referring?
4. Believe it or not, Seattle won the Stanley Cup in 1917, defeating the Montreal Canadiens three games to one in a best of five series. What was the name of the Seattle team?
5. Named for a 19th century prime minister, a cup of what popular English tea is flavored with Bergamot Orange?
6. According to Victoria's Secret, if your band size is 34 and your bust size is 37, what is the most appropriate bra size for you?
7. Like a standard/western poker deck, a Tarot deck has four suits, one of which is Cups. Name two of the other three suits of the Rider tarot deck
8. Works by John Milton, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking have all been published by an organization known as CUP. What does it stand for?
9. According to Starbucks.com, How many retail Starbucks locations are there within 5 miles of the Old Pequiliar? (answer within 5)
10. Who are the current Stanley Cup Champions? i.e., who won the Cup last year?

ROUND 3 – Seattle Kicks Ass

1. Seattle’s famed Coliseum theatre located downtown and known as the first of the world’s movie palaces is now a what?
2. What popular cartoon features a parody of the Space Needle called “The Sea Needle”
3. Within one year when was Ballard annexed into Seattle?
4. How many playoff appearances have the Mariners had?
5. Ezell’s famous fried chicken is the chicken of choice for what celebrity?
6. What is the name of the bronze pig in Pike Place Market?
7. Vitamin R is a nickname for what local beverage?
8. The coffee shop featured prominently in the film Singles was better known as what famous local music venue?
9. How many Dick’s restaurants are there?
10. There is one other Lusty Lady in the world. What city is it located in?

ROUND 4 - Picture Round

Name the World Capital that shares a name with these people

ROUND 5 – Crimes and Myth-demeanors – Greek mythological law-breakers

1. Oedipus is known as the father murdering, mother banging hero of Thebes. By what name is the psychoanalytic theory regarding a daughter falling in love with her father?
2. Sure to make any old-west rustler proud, Hermes stole what type of livestock from Apollo?
3. What was Heracles’ punishment for killing his own wife and children?
4. Helen of Troy’s kidnapping was the impetus to the Trojan War. What are the names of her two brothers, collectively known to us as the twins of Gemini?
5. The Golden Fleece was stolen by Jason and his Argonauts. Today, what country has the largest population of sheep?
6. The statue of the blind Lady Justice is believed to be based on the Greek Titan Themis. What two items is she most often depicted with?
7. According to everyone’s favorite fact-source Wikipedia, a pointless activity is known as Sisyphean. In myth, Sisyphus must do what to atone for his many crimes?
8. The Erinyes were three sisters who would pursue evildoers and sinners. By what Roman name are they more commonly known?
9. Prometheus was chained to a rock and had his liver eaten by a large vulture every day. What gift did he give Man that caused this punishment at the hands of the gods?
10. When Persephone broke the rules and ate some pomegranate seeds, she was forced to stay in the underworld forever as Hades’ wife. What vitamin is the pomegranate a good source in?

ROUND 6 – Music and Year (AUDIO round)

ROUND 7 – Movie

1. This 1994 western was originally planned as a six-hour mini series.
2. This 1983 horror film’s tagline was “Welcome to the third dimension in terror”.
3. Climatologist William Hyde’s review of this film stated that is was “As close to climate science as Frankenstein was to heart surgery”
4. Roger Ebert praised a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan for her command of flawless British and American accents in this film.
5. This 1997 thriller was Tupac Shakur’s last film?
6. Famed televangelist and prostitute lover Jimmy Lee Swaggert was portrayed by Alec Baldwin in what 1989 rock ‘n roll film?
7. This 1996 fantasy film featured the first fully computer generated main character in film history.
8. The Miami Dolphins football team name was changed to the Miami Sharks for what 1999 film?
9. Astronaut Wally Schirra recently passed away. Schirra was portrayed by Lance Henriksen in what 1983 film?
10. Which actor has starred in all these films?

ROUND 8 - Picture Round

Name the beer.


1. North
2. Kazakhstan
3. Syria, Israel
4. Rio Grande
5. Glacial Lake Missoula
6. Rubicon
7. Black River
8. Tigris River
9. Pierre, SD
10. EastEnders

1. Sheffield, England
2. 16
3. The Holy Grail
4. The Metropolitans
5. Earl Grey
6. 34C
7. Swords, Wands, Coins (or Pentacles)
8. Cambridge University Press
9. 88
10. Carolina Hurricanes

1. Banana Republic
2. Spongebob Squarepants
3. May 21st, 1907 (between 1906-1908)
4. 4 (1995, 1997, 2000, 2001)
5. Oprah
6. Rachel
7. Rainier Beer
8. The OK Hotel
9. Five (there's one in Spokane but it is under different ownership and not officially a Dick's)
10. San Francisco

1. London (Jeremy)
2. Wellington (Duke of)
3. Paris (Hilton)
4. Rome (Jim)
5. Berlin (the Band)
6. Sofia (Coppola)
7. Amsterdam (from Gangs of NY)
8. Colombo (Columbo)
9. Cairo (Miguel)
10. Kingston (the Trio)

1. Electra complex
2. Cattle (or cows)
3. The Twelve Labors
4. Castor & Pollux (or Polydeuces)
5. China
6. Scales and a sword
7. Roll a boulder up a hill for all Eternity
8. The Furies
9. Fire
10. Vitamin C

1. Maggie May, Rod Stewart
2. Tiny Dancer, Elton John
3. What's Going On? Marvin Gaye
4. When the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin
5. Baba O' Riley, The Who
6. Changes, David Bowie
7. (You make me feel like) A Natural Woman, Carole King
8. Never Been to Spain, Three Dog Nighy
9. Dead Flowers, Rolling Stones
10. 1971

1. Wyatt Earp
2. Jaws 3-D
3. The Day After Tomorrow
4. The Parent Trap
5. Gang Related
6. Great Balls of Fire
7. Dragonheart
8. Any Given Sunday
9. The Right Stuff
10. Dennis Quaid

1. Anchor Steam
2. Baron
3. Brooklyn
4. Budweiser
5. Hale's
6. Murphy's
7. Pabst
8. Sierra Nevada
9. St. Pauli Girl
10. Duff

Heroes May. 22nd, 2007 @ 09:20 am
Spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the season finale, stop reading now.


Hey Heroes, can we talk? Are you retarded or something? Like, seriously, WTF?

Sylar's dead. Sylar's dead. See? Sylar's still dead. Oh yeah, one more time, here's an aerial shot showing you that he's still dead. Everyone happypants. Wait a minute, while you all went happypants OMG, HE'S NOT DEAD! AND NONE OF YOU LAMEASS SUPERHEROES, PARAMEDICS, COPS, or ANYONE NOTICED?!!? LAME!

Why was New York empty when no one announced there was potentially a bomb about to go off?

Why did Peter, who stopped the nuclear power TWICE - once just by willing it so (and no one really pondering that wow... seems like he's got THAT under control), and the second time - IN THIS EPISODE I MIGHT ADD - by just falling unconcious. Why then was he suddenly unable to stop it?

Sylar. Sylar, Sylar, Sylar. You have super hearing yet you can't hear a woman running at you with a parking meter full of change? You've demonstrated that you can take on multiple opponents at once. You've even shown that Hiro can't freeze you in time. So... WTF? You let Niki clobber you with a parking meter, you let Peter wail on you with super-strength (despite your widely demonstrated telekinetic powers that could've easily tossed him aside), you let Hiro stab you (even though you saw it coming and just stood there while he charged at you), for what?? I'm sure the writers will just retcon that to make it appear like it was your plan all along. But they made such a huge build-up to you're wanting to destroy New York. Sure, you've been cold and heartless all along. Until you saw your mom and confessed that you didn't want to blow up the whole city. But then, meh, mom's dead - why the hell not?

Predictions: Sylar will meet shape-changing girl and steal her powers. He'll become Nathan. Everyone will be surprised and amazed and happy. Peter, of course, won't remember what happened after he exploded. Because, while he can heal I'm sure a nuclear blast eminating from your own body wouldn't vaporize you immediately. So Peter would look suspiciously at Nathan for 13-15 episodes next season until the big reveal. Hiro will learn a life lesson in feudal Japan. Claire will try to save lives. Parkman will team up with H.R.G. ("Noah"?! Puh-leaze) and Mohinder (who will continue to be a pansie) and start a School for the Gifted-esque organization.

Jesus. I'm not sure why I stick with this show. Hiro and Claire are the only two people I care about.

Trivia tonight May. 22nd, 2007 @ 08:31 am
Hey all, I'm hosting trivia tonight along with barry_lutz and our pal Eric at the Old Pequliar in Ballard. Show starts at 8pm, but get there early to guarantee seating - it fills up fast! Enjoy three tacos for $2!
6 people per team, $6/team to enter. Cash money prizes for 1st-3rd, and last place gets swag. 4th place at halftime gets a free pitcher of beer. You can't ASK for more. Just try!

Old Pequliar

Drive cancelled Apr. 26th, 2007 @ 09:11 am
And with it my hope that anything Whedon-related (Drive was a series by Angel mastermind Tim Minear and starred a few Whedon-alum) will ever appear on TV again. Bad, naughty FOX. So much for a the two hours of power on Monday nights. So much for Drive showing Heroes just what it means to be a well-written ensemble show. I don't think we're even gonna get a full half season. From what I understand they only shot about 6 episodes and all 6 will be aired. Sucks.

Hiking Apr. 24th, 2007 @ 09:27 am
After a long dry spell I finally got back into hiking. Eric and Dusty and I went out and summitted Tiger 3. It took me a really long time to get to the top as I was (am) terribly out of shape. I could barely feel my right leg afterwards. But the view is commanding. West Tiger 3 is the next to shortest peak at 2522 feet. East Tiger Mountain is the tallest at just over 3000. I'm not sure you can climb the other peaks in the Tiger Mountain chain as many of them have been bought out by cell companies and the county. Still, I'll see. My goal this Summer is to summit the low-lying peaks in the Issaquah Alps, including Sqwak Mtn, Cougar Mtn, and maybe - by the end of the Summer - attempt Mt. Si. This is already shaping up to be an active Summer so I'm looking forward to high adventure.
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» What is this thing?
Oh yeah, Livejournal. El Jay. Um, just so's ya know, I have moved. Back to Capitol Hill in a charming flat overlooking recycling bins and a parking lot. I don't have internet or cable yet at the new place but intend on it. I'll have a housewarming sometime in the fuuuuture. Right now I'm just so tired I can barely think straight. I still have to clean Mold Central but after that I'm done with that fucking place. Lesson learned: if your apartment starts to leak and it's something you did NOT have anything to do with, move out of their ASAP or raise Holy Hell.

Off to notify SPL about my new address! They still have my Fremont address. :) Cheers folks. E-mail me if you want my address.
» Snow Day on FangoriaTV
Fangoria will be showing "Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day," on their channel/podcast?/thingy beginning February 16th. Check it out, and let them know what you think! A good showing could mean more goodies from GadZook Films in the very near future, so be sure to tell them how much you enjoy it! Thanks.
» Trivia
This was Trivia Tour Week. The team I play with on Tuesdays at the Old Pequliar and I decided to try our hand at several other joints in the area. Here's a brief recap of the adventures.

» (No Subject)
Dammit UW, close already!!! Bothell and Tacoma are closed, why can't the Seattle campus wise up??? Argh!
» Sorry
I will not be working for the city this go-round folks. I believe they think I'm too much of a liability. Who knows for sure, but they've passed on me. Here's hoping something else comes up. Thanks for the good thoughts folks!
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